As a small business owner…

I started a business!

I very briefly looked into starting a brewery way back when, but quickly learned that I enjoyed making beer much more than selling.  Then I discovered you can buy beer at the store!  I put entrepreneurship out of my mind until I was retiring for five minutes last winter.  Though stressful, the experience taught me that 1) I have a skill and 2) people are willing to pay for said skill.  

Two conversations during job interviews changed my mind.  In one I learned that an old friend had started a data analytics business and preferred metrics to implementations.  Turns out, I have experience with implementations and am now more comfortable with them than the data.  The second conversation was with a company with which I was on the path towards a full-time position (and have since probably missed two promotions).  That one ended with the statement, “I’d still like to pay for your help, but I can’t pay you.  I have to pay a company.”

Without further ado, I introduce Workflow Leadership & Design.

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