Scaling down TOC

I came across another successful Theory of Constraints (TOC) implementation this week with the world I am most familiar: aviation maintenance. I applaud the Air Force for insourcing this type of consulting and their findings were no surprise:

The root-cause analysis identified core issues with scheduling processes, poor communication and multiple competing priorities.

Katie Scott, Air Force Institute of Technology

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty quiet for WFLD lately. Some of this is due to my training for my first Ironman (13:12!) but most of it is a combination of fear and laziness of targeting my intended market: individuals and very small businesses.

I’ve worked in the government since 1996. I’ve worked in aviation since 2002. I’ve also lived in various sized towns since 2000 but have always felt like a transient until our most recent move. I haven’t been part of a local community since 1996.

Hopefully a quieter winter will give me the time to begin the next effort of marketing locally. I’m open to ideas, if any of my 67 readers have them.

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