Solitude and Leadership

I’m feeling very much the business traveller today as I’m writing this post via in-flight internet on my way to my first WFLD client. My wife helped me with an outfit that says “informal professional,” I spent two hours this morning refining my presentation, and on the return flight will document any lessons learned in WFLD’s doctrine. Wish me luck!

I submitted my essay yesterday for this year’s U. S. Naval Institute Press contest and will share it this time yext year. In the process of talking through my points with a very smart friend/professor, he shared with me this 2009 lecture at the U. S. Military Academy. It’s been a few years since I last read the transcript and listening to it in the car today gave it a different emphasis.

My client this week is struggling to focus his team on a longer term vision as they are stuck in daily firefighting. The focus is reactive, not proactive. If one cannot find the time to reflect on an uncertain future, how will he or she know how to prepare?

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