State of WFLD

Workflow Leadership & Design (WFLD) is now seven months old and since I just filed my taxes, I thought it time for [hopefully] the first State of WFLD.


My goal for 2021 was to establish the infrastructure of WFLD and not invest more than $1,500 to do so.  As you can see from the below report, I came close. WFLD is in “good standing” with the State of Maryland, I drafted strategies for each WFLD functional area, and dabbled in marketing:


I just entered FedEx’s small business grant contest and the character count limits on the application forced refinement of WFLD’s marketing strategy.  

I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.

Blaise Pascal

To be honest, I can’t compete with the large consultancies in the DMV area and don’t desire a federal government contract.  WFLD’s target market is individuals and very small businesses who have a need for business operations expertise, but cannot afford a full time employee.  I am a company of one who can coach others on designing workflow and improving leadership.  If you also need data analytics and/or custom reports in that journey, I have a partner who’s really good at it:


My goal for 2022 is to exercise WFLD’s doctrine through our first client and earn at least $2,000 in revenue.  I’m happy to say that WFLD is negotiating with a potential first client and I’ll share more after the experience:

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