Plutarch’s 13 Signs for Gauging Your Growth in Character — The Art of Manliness

In most areas of your life that you seek to improve, there’s an external metric you can look at in order to see if you’re getting better. Your pants get looser as you lose weight. Your kettlebells get heavier as you get stronger. Your net worth increases as you get wealthier. But how do you…

Plutarch’s 13 Signs for Gauging Your Growth in Character — The Art of Manliness

Given that I reached a significant low two years ago this month; have been “reprogramming” myself into the man I want to be since; and come from an analytical background, I found this article personally relevant.  We often think of improving ourselves, but “you can’t manage what you can measure.”  These thirteen signs are qualitative, but each is answerable with a yes or no that can be used as a quantifiable percentage.

After some reflection I gave myself a 77%, a solid C.  I’m becoming more independent in my thought and empathetic in my action (both low on my EQi results), but without intention I fall back into old habits and Deb still replies to some of my stories with a “toot-toot.”

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