Welcome to Life. There Are Only Hard Facts and Harder Decisions. — RyanHoliday.net

One thing this pandemic has shown is that people have a problem facing facts. I don’t mean facts in the sense of the scientific data, although that’s clearly a problem as well judging by the litany of conspiracy theories that have become acceptable even in polite company. 1,664 more words

Welcome to Life. There Are Only Hard Facts and Harder Decisions. — RyanHoliday.net

In the past week I made and then cancelled hotel reservations in New York City, Ocean City, New York City (again), Hagerstown, & Stroudsburg. The kids’ return to hybrid instruction was postponed indefinitely. I booked and cancelled family skiing, snow tubing, horseback riding, & fondue for my daughter’s birthday. I paid a $250 deposit for a puppy to a scammer (thank you PayPal resolution center!) and navigated conversations with two other would be scammers. Finally, today I dashed my employee’s plans of using his EpicPass with his kids. As Ryan explains, each decision was obvious but the consequences are still hard…

One response to “Welcome to Life. There Are Only Hard Facts and Harder Decisions. — RyanHoliday.net”

  1. There is no doubt we are in weird ass times. It makes it hard to stick to the values of looking out for one another when there are so many people that forego the guidelines to help each other out, through travel requests or cancelling our own plans but we gotta do it. A friend of my father in law passed away due to Covid yesterday. That’s the closest person to my extended family that has gotten it. Yet, I am amazed at the way some people react to taking precautions. For example, the crowd that won’t wear a mask because it won’t protect them, but don’t see how it could protect others. It boggles my mind honestly.


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