Camp Conestoga

One of two days without rain

Another quick post while I work on something longer. Beginning July 1, I was able to take ten days off of work and spent eight of those nights sleeping outside. The adventure began with technically camping in our good friends’ backyard as we visited their beautifully remodeled mid-1800s farmhouse. The end was actually camping with our BSA troop at summer camp.

Not only did I learn over this period that Deb and I both happen to enjoy antiquing, but watching our troop reconnect after COVID-19’s prevention of in person meetings taught me why I volunteer:

  • I originally signed up as a Cub Scout den leader in 2009 for our oldest son. I wanted our boys to share the same learning experiences I had as a child and help them develop into well-rounded men. However, after five years and three states I found that I always ended up in charge of whatever event I attended, burned out, and stopped volunteering. Looking back, I could have set better boundaries.
  • I got the itch to volunteer again when our second oldest son graduated to boy scouts (prior to the renaming). The prospect of outdoor activities appealed to me and I felt compelled to give back to the organization. I attended camping trips and volunteered to be an assistant scoutmaster, but wasn’t asked until we were about to move. Looking back, I had enough going on in my life and didn’t need more obligations.
  • Now, I see that volunteering is about those with more headwinds in their life than us. I gained insights last week that make me grateful for the opportunities in my life and the environment we are able to provide for our children. I was able to explain what my faith has taught me about reverance. Trey was able to exercise his leadership muscles in organizing meal clean ups. Quin was able to make friends to help with homesickness. If we can pull someone else up the mountain of personal growth, no matter how far up we stand, we should. It’s about each other.

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