Top ten reasons I love Deb

I’ve been married to this lovely lady for 19 years. Please allow me to tell you the top ten things I love about her.

Note: Because I’m new to WordPress I can only figure out how to count up, so please read from the bottom up:

  1. Her accountability: I’m self-centered by nature and tried to keep this list about her the best I could. But alas, I ended up making the number one thing I love about her be about me as well; I simply can’t leave out the strength and patience she has displayed over the decades. She doesn’t let me get away with treating her less than she deserves. She shows me the example I’m setting for our daughter and her future relationships. She makes me better every day.
  2. Her touch: After 19 years there is still a spark.
  3. Her journey towards the woman she wants to be: Deb’s story is her own, but I am VERY pround of how she has begun to develop her own identity and establish healthy boundaries.
  4. Her face when our boys do something sweet: Teenage boys aren’t the most touchy feely. Between video games and generally smelling bad, they can often be “challenging”. Every once a while though, the years of hard work shine through via a glimmer of sweetness and she beams.
  5. Her ride to the ER a year ago: She saved my life.
  6. Her company on walks and by firepits: I’m more of a human doer and struggle as a human being. Deb balances me out and has taught me how to slow down to be present in the moment.
  7. Her laugh when she can’t breathe and almost pees: Those words sound not fun, but trust me it’s hilarious.
  8. Her ability to empathize with others: Being a feeeler is a two-edged sword. You can make others feel valued, but to truly empathize with their pain you absorb some in the process.
  9. Her skill at calming little ones: I believe that children are her God-given gift. She would have a baby every nine months if it were only up to her. I’ve watched her calm the fussiest of babies, many not her own. She’s watched other peoples kids since she was 12. She’s a teacher. She makes kids feel heard.
  10. Her baking ability: They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomache and Deb is an amazing baker. It began with pancakes in 1999 and has grown into a full fledged ability to manage our family’s nutritional needs from planning to shopping to preparing. I can only make sure the kids don’t starve. She makes sure we all fuel our bodies with a healthy diet.

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