Pat, unmasked. Actually, I have to wear a mask.

“Why start a blog?”, you ask. “Wouldn’t Facebook/Twitter/Instagram be easier?”, you continue.

First, I think I’ve been searching some time for a creative outlet. My hobbies have included, in chronological order: guitar, kayaking, beer brewing, cycling, winemaking, soda making, tattoos, motorcycles, triathlons, poetry, banjo, fountain pens, calligraphy, and now maybe a blog. Maybe this is another flash in the pan or maybe it’ll stick and grow into something more.

Secondly, Cal Newport told me to. As I’ll reveal over time I went though a bit of a personal crisis the past year and reflected quite a bit on my values, skills, and priorities in life. I’m not big on the “socials”, but do to think I have something to offer those willing to read. Maybe this will help me understand who I am as a husband/father/brother/friend/leader/employee or maybe it turn into a distraction that I need to separate myself from.

Deb gave me that title by the way. That’s us on a COVID-19 date to Walmart. You can’t tell, but we’re smiling. I love her more than anything in the world and wouldn’t be alive today without her.

4 responses to “Pat, unmasked. Actually, I have to wear a mask.”

  1. Pat, I love it and look forward to your future post! I remember the good beer crafting days. Take care my friend!


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