Pilot | Leader | Maintainer

Hi, I’m Pat.

At various times I have served as pilot in command of helicopters, managed a $1.5B supply chain, and managed maintenance/logistics from a 40-person team to a 1,500-employee aviation depot.  Over the past two decades I developed a passion for workflow management that has become how I now view the world.

Oh, I’ve also been married to the same wonderful woman since 2001 and together we have four kids…one of which is in college!  We also have a dog and a cat that are currently in a love-hate relationship.

Because I’m a nerd, I sum myself up with the below graphic.


  • Reading: I lean towards “pragmatic nonfiction” but try to round myself out with the Bible and philosophy.  The fiction I do read is with my daughter.
  • Triathlon: The 70.3 distance is my preference, and my first 140.6 is scheduled for 2022.
  • Fountain pens: It all started with writing weekly thank you notes in 2015.  Then I upgraded my paper.  Then I upgraded my pen.  Then I got into inks.  Now I’m teaching myself 100-year-old handwriting.


My reasons for starting the blog are still evolving, but as of today I believe they are in no order:

  • Process my first four decades of self-centeredness
  • Possibly help someone else who is struggling
  • Coalesce my view of the world
  • Express my love for Deb
How I view the world
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