Workflow Leadership & Design LLC

WFLD applies Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and Cal Newport’s Attention Capital Theory to both physical and knowledge work through a small team identified by the client.  This team receives training, value stream maps existing processes, and develops alternatives based on synchronizing, collaborating, and focusing better.  Consulting is performed remotely and in person, as necessary. 

WFLD helps individuals and very small businesses:

  1. Synchronize priorities vertically (the principal-agent problem)
  2. Collaborate functions horizontally (the coordination problem)
  3. Enable employee focus (the “hyperactive hive mind” problem)

WFLD is different from others as we:

  1. Believe physical and knowledge work should be managed in a similar fashion.
  2. Integrate relationships with oneself, one’s work, and others.
  3. Adapt to strategic, political, and cultural realities.

Theory of Constraints

Every system contains a small number of constraints. Break the constraint and throughput will increase.

Attention Capital Theory

We have yet to fully apply industrial production management to knowledge work.

Innovatively created a new framework for effective industrial operations at ALC, right sized work in process, synchronized priorities across all divisions, made issues transparent for quick resolution, established full kit planning at component level – reduced unfulfilled work orders by 40% and work in process by 36%, increased on time delivery by 33%.

— Ed Sheppard, U. S. Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center

Highly successful efforts to implement mission support efficiencies through process improvement and integration of governance, harmonized broader logistics teams together toward a mission support common vision and clearly demonstrates readiness to lead at the next level.

— Al Curry, Jr., U. S. Coast Guard Engineering and Logistics Directorate